Beautiful Autumn Day in IOR Park

Beautiful Autumn Day in IOR Park

I don’t think there are many places that show autumn as beautifully as IOR park does. This was my second year since starting photography with my trusty Fujifilm X-T20 and when autumn knocked on the door, IOR park didn’t disappoint.

While walking in the park I noticed this empty bench with all the leaves around it. It was framed by green, yellow, orange and brown leafes all around. I have a few different photos of it. At first I thought about showing the bench alone without any people. Although the bench itself is beautiful, I think the children in the background add to the overall joy and warmth of the photo. After all, it is a miracle this bench was empty since the park was actually full of people.

When shotting this I had 3 lenses available: The Fujifilm XF 80mm F2.8, the Nikon 105mm F2 DC and the Carl Zeiss 35mm Distagon F2. This particular photo was taken using the Nikon 105mm F2 DC. The rich colors this lens produces are incredible.

I used the Fujinon 80mm for this photo 10 minutes later on the same day.

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