Dream More by Valeria

Dream More by Valeria


I’m not sure what I like about this. It’s not the caption because I very rearly remember my dreams. It’s certainly not the baby unicorn or the color. I think it’s something about the trippy/hippy vibe.

I look at my photos and as a whole I see chaos because there’s no one style for all my photos. Is that wrong? I don’t think so. I look at a frame and I see what it can be. I then capture it and edit it in the style I envisioned. This makes sense to me. Even the brightest sunlight can harbor sad feelings. Even the pinkest backpack can be worn by the saddest person.

I find it interesting that a photographer actually chooses what a photo says by first choosing the framing and then again by choosing how to edit it.

Most of us are not objective enough to understand reality, we just settle for some sort of perception of it. As a photographer I have the opportunity to shape that perception.

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