Just a Tree

Just a Tree

I have no idea why I like this photo. Everytime I open it I hope to understand why I enjoy it. Maybe it’s the rich green leaves? Maybe it’s the clean trunk? Certainly not the sky ’cause there’s not much to it.

I probably took 40-50 shots of it because I was not convinced about the angle and the framing. I also tried exposing to the right (ETTR) and that also created issues because of low shutter.

Again, the Fujifilm XF 16-55mm F2.8 was the only thing between the tree and my X-T20.

This is an incredibly color rich photo considering I didn’t use a polarizing filter. The light was just right.

You can find this beautiful tree in a Sidirokastro, a small town in Greece. The hotel’s name is Agnantio and the experience is incredible. Delicious food, medium size pool, beautiful garden, private parking etc.

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