Lost and Forgotten

Lost and Forgotten

My favourite color is Emerald Green, and the color of these leaves is somewhat close to it. I’d call this a Dark Emerald Green.

I testing my new Fujifilm X-H2s together with the 50mm F1.0 while I stumbled over this little guy.

I took a look around and nobody was looking for him, so I raised my camera to eye level and started shooting. I tested the IBIS (with and without turbo mode) on the Fujifilm X-H2s and was pleasently surprised.

Later on when I saw the potential in this photo and after a few color edits this was the final result. There’s a bit of chaos in this photo because it’s meant to be dark, but about a third of it is bright. It should also feel cold, but I’m not feeling it. Sometimes chaos and conflict just work.

Bottom line, the X-H2s has amazing IBIS and the XF 50mm F1.0 is tack sharp at F1.0!

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