Love in My Warm Arms

Mother holding daughter in her warm arms

Andreea holding her precious love in her warm arms. The day of this photo was a very interesting day. I was out in IOR park because it was an incredebly beautiful autumn day. My focus was on getting this bench shot. Right as I was wrapping up Andreea came to me and asked me for my help. She and her husband came to the park to shoot some family photos. I think they had a Nikon and asked a friend to take the photos. Although some of his shots turned out very good, others were unfocused. Andreea noticed my equipment (tripod and 3 lenses) and asked if I could help with taking some more photos. Guess what my answer was 🙂

I took several shots of Andreea and her little girl. All of them were beautiful, but this one was outstanding. The warm way she wraps her arms around her child, the warm glow of the sun on her blond haird and the angle at which I caught her eyes all show the love for her daughter.

Out of the 3 lenses that I had, I chose to use the Fujifilm XF 80mm F2.8 for this shot. Check out this photo to find out what the other 2 lenses were.

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