Meet Zoya

Meet Zoya

Zoya is the cutest puppy to ever visit IOR Park. I had the pleasure of meeting her on a sunny October day while touring the park to capture those incredible autumn colors.

As a dog lover I coulnd’t just ignore Zoya and the camera was just sitting in my hands ready for action.

Now there’s always something extra cute about puppies and as far as I understand Zoya was about 4 months old (going on 5 right about now). She was just brimming with excitement and cute-ing out the entire park.

So I bring the camera up to my eye and start shooting. Checking the first 10 or so frames and I’m already amazed at how good they are. Everything was just right: the subject was beautiful, the lighting was soft and the framing impeccable. I remember telling Romana(she was the one walking Zoya) something alike “this is just too good not to take some more shots!”.

This will lead to “Zoya is Just Too Cute“.


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