Picturesque Park Walk

Picturesque Park Walk


After 5 years of photography I’m still convinced that candid photos are the best. Models are the exception, so I don’t get to work with “exceptions’ sealed.

I was actually sitting on a bench with my girlfriend when the guy in the red shirt passed us by with his golden retriever. It just so happened that I had my Fujifilm X-T20 with the 16-55mm F2.8 attached. The camera was already turned on, so I just pressed the shutter button and this is what happened.

I usually ask the owner’s permission before photographing dogs, but in this case everything happened in less than a second.

I think the dog’s owner contributes a lot to the photo, depsite the fact that his face is not part of the frame. Somehow it adds dimension to the photo, it creates depth and color contrast.

At first I thought that the dog was the main subject of the photo, bu the more I look at it I am convinced that they’re both a team. I wouldn’t have published the photo without either of them.

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