Totemic Sculpture – Looking Into One’s Soul

Looking Into One's Soul. A totem sculpted from raw pine wood root.

While on a city break to the wonderful town of Brasov I came across an unique totem sculpture. It only took 2-3 shots before the sculptor, noticing my keen interest, began explaining what the sculptures represent. His name is Balogh Lászlo and apparently the art is called “Totemic Sculptures” . The totems are made of pine root. Each piece is sculptured by hand and is therefore constrained to the raw shape of the root. Each totem is unique and Mr. Balogh Lászlo will be happy to tell you the story of each one. As he explained to me, each piece is tied to a very specific symbol. A keen eye and a sharp mind will surely decipher the symbol of each totem, but it’s a lot easier to have Mr. Balogh Lászlo explain them to you.

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