Valeria Posing in Soft Light

Valeria Posing in Soft Light

Meet Valeria, the most photogenic 6 year old I’ve seen to date! Not only does she look amazing in candid photos, but she’s also talented when posing. You can also see part of Valeria’s mom (Adina) in the background. 

This photo was taken in a coffee shop with huge windows which provided this amezing soft light on Valeria. I’ve added a bit of vignetting in post processing and it complemented the shadow bellow her right arm perfectly. It also helped maintain the focus on her angelic look.

This is not my first time photographing Valeria, but it’s the first time she started posing. I guess some kids simply have the photogenic gene in them.

As with most of my portraits, these was also taken with the XF 50-140m F2.8 attached to my old and trusty XT-20.

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