Vlad, Children of the 21st Century

Vlad, Children of the 21st Century

Say hello to Vlad (or his diminutive Vladut). Vlad is Valeria’s big brother and as you can see from the photo, like al children of the 21st century, he’s no stranger to gaming on the go.

This is a very rare shot of Vlad holding his Nintendo Switch but not actually working the hell out of it.

As far as I’m concerned this was the perfect frame. I don’t particularly like photos in which the subjects stare directly into the lens, so Vlad focusing just at the right angle to avoid making eye contact with the camera, but at the same time the camera capturing his entire face was ideal.

The photo was taken in the same coffee shop as this photo of Valeria. Obviously with the same Fujifilm 50-140mm F2.8 lens. I should really force myself to start shooting with other lenses, but somehow this 50-140mm is just incredible. It allows me to interfere as little as possible in the subject’s environment and as such the resulting photos are very natural and candid.

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