Zoya Checking Out What to Cute on Next

Zoya Checking Out What to Cute on Next

The idea is simple, if there’s an interesting frame to capture but it’s just need more cuteness, call Zoya and she’ll fix it!

I love her expression in this photo. To me it says “I think I’m going to play with that next!”. Something got her attention. I had no idea what it was because I was too busy making sure the composition was ok. That right side pole should be straight relative to the edge of the frame. I always say there’s good and good enough. This one is good enough. Zoya also does a great job distracting from any technical imperfections.

Again, the leash not really helping with the artistry, but overall a beautiful autumn photo with just the right caramel tones.

Thank you Ramona and Zoya.

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