Zoya is Just Too Cute

Zoya is Just Too Cute

After previewing the first 10 or so frames of Zoya I was so excited about the results I just had to keep shooting more of her.

So I just keep abusing my camera’s autofocus and keep doing bursts of around 10 frames. This photo was the next winner. It would have preffered not to have the leash in the frame, but Ramona was right, there’s just no healthy way of “unleashing” Zoya. She is just too sweet and full of energy and everyone wants to pet her. I’ve seen pictures of myself as a baby, I was never this cute.

As far as the Nikes in the background go, sure, the photo would of been cleaner without them, but I also think they bring a nice balancing act. There’s a kind of soft contrast they bring to the picture and they also provide small droplets of color to an almost monochromatic photo.


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